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Farnsworth Design is a graphic arts studio that specializes in digital and print work for local businesses, big and small.

Did we mention we simply love designing things?

In any case, let us prove it to you. You’ll find we become as excited as you do when it comes to making a bold statement and making your company look great out there. We want to put every new project in our portfolio, share it with the world, and show it to our moms. Really.

We offer a complete range of graphic and design services. Even though we specialize in the latest electronic publishing and web media, we still love doing traditional print projects as well. Have a look through the portfolio to see the kind of projects we have been working on.

John Farnsworth | Design Director

John Farnsworth directs all client projects from small teams to large, in design, advertising and web development.

John received his BA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City shortly before moving to San Francisco where he pursued many creative jobs in the Bay Area’s flourishing publishing environment, becoming the art director for five nationally published consumer computer magazines, including PC Home Journal and MacWEEK.

With the explosion of new media venues and publishing platforms he decided to branch out and start a small design firm of his own, turning to designing for the small screen (and the tiny screen), while still maintaining one foot in the print realm.

jf-mugshot-roung-150“I’m constantly designing and rearranging things even when I’m off the clock. Its how I interact with the world. It’s how I make sense of chaos.”

As the role of creative agencies and design firms change, Farnsworth Design and it’s partners  continue to deliver excellence in all aspects of design. The lens through which we view data, apps, and content is constantly shifting, but human experience and interaction will always need to be guided by good design.


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Farnsworth Design is the creative design studio that specializes in consultation. We can design your next project, or simply provide you with the insights that will make your project really resonate.

Design is not decoration. Design is a framework, a solution, and at heart, it is communication. What do you want to say?